What Is Ready-Mix Concrete?

Ready-Mix Concrete is concrete that is manufactured at a batching plant, according to a specific design mix, bought and sold by volume, typically in cubic yards, and then delivered to a work site by transit mixer trucks. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed, implemented and delivered on site.

Once the Ready-Mix Concrete is ordered, the design mix is batched and delivered to the job site in a concrete transit mixer truck. The concrete is then unloaded off the truck, placed into designated areas. Ready-Mixed Concrete eliminates the need to store the bulk ingredients needed to mix concrete on site.

Ready-Mix, referred to as the "Customized Concrete", is preferred over on-site concrete mixing, because of the precision of the mixture and reduced work site confusion, allowing concrete finishers to do their jobs more efficiently by eliminating the added task of mixing concrete.

The Ready-Mix Mixture is made of natural ingredients combined creating a strong durable and economical building material which can be molded and formed into any shape or design.


Due to the ability to customize proper Ready-Mix Concrete properties the result is strength and durability able to with stand a wide variety of environmental conditions. Ready-Mix Concrete is proven to last decades and withstand traffic day in and day out. McConnell Ready Mix,LLC excels in producing and mixing the proper mixture ratio for any given project.

Versatility and Appearance

Ready-Mix Concrete has a wide variety of uses suited for any application. These include: bridges, roads, walls, homes, motorways, parking lots, curbs, tunnels, dams, walkways, foundations, windmill pads, swimming pools, patios and large industrial sites. Also, the latest development in concrete technology has made it possible to create Ready-Mix Concrete to any shape, design or color by stamping, staining and texturizing. The Decorative Concrete Realm is only limited by your imagination and we can certainly assist you in the design and layout of your ideas.

Maintenance Free

Concrete out-performs any other building material on the market. If properly mixed and produced , Ready-Mix Concrete gains strength over time able to resist weathering such as ice and snow, erosion and even natural disasters. Unlike Asphalt, there is no need to seal coat every year making a savings in long term cost. Our professionals here at McConnell Ready Mix, LLC have over 35 years experience, and they are able to recommend a mix design suitable for your application.


Due to virtually no maintenance and durability, Ready-Mix Concrete lasts for decades and does not burn, rot, rut, or rust, conserving resources by reducing maintenance and the need for reconstruction. When concrete reaches the end of its service life, it can be crushed and recycled . Ready-Mix Concrete is a solid investment and can increase the value of your property or industrial business.

Enviromentally Friendly & Safe

Concrete can be described as a "Green Material" being made from rock and the earth, ground into a fine powder and mixed with other natural properties, the most important being water results in environmentally friendly. Ready-Mixed Concrete is a clean, energy-efficient and recyclable building material. Ready-Mixed Concrete is modest in energy needs being manufactured on a just-in-time basis with the left over concrete easily recycled. Our local manufacturing and delivery minimizes fuel requirements for handling and transportation making a key environmental friendly advantage for Ready- Mix Concrete. In addition, Ready-Mix Concrete reflective surface aspect decreases lighting energy up to 30% and it's natural cooling ability decreases ambient temperature by about 7 to 10 degrees which slashes peak loads on hot summer days - another savings for the life of your project.

Bottom line, Ready- Mix Concrete makes the most long-term sense saving you money and time in addition to providing many other enviromental benefits. McConnell Ready Mix,LLC strives and excels in producing and providing quality Ready -Mix Concrete and is ready to service and supply all your project needs.

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